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This is My Life

I grew up near Houston, Texas. My parents were divorced when I was about 2 years old and so I lived with my mom, sister and brother, and I was the youngest. I did not have it hard growing up, my mom did a good job of raising the 3 of us and I believe my sister helped watch me at times. When I was in highschool not so long ago, I liked to have a good time and hang out with friends. I enjoyed partying with my friends. I kept on feeling like I was getting bored of it though, and then I went off to college.
My first year of college was spent in Austin, Texas. I choose to goto the University of Texas at Austin. I then was searching for new friends, which I found by the means of my favorite sport. I found an intramural soccer team to play on with a group of people.After the game someone invited me to a bible study the following day. I choosed to go to it, even though I wasn't involved with church, but I grew up with a little church background. As the year progressed, I saw that many people had something that I didn't. I was still missing something.
I found what I was missing later on. It was during the summer when I made a trip to see my college friends that were in South Carolina at the beach. I talked to and old friend that is becoming a pastor, and then I made the most important descision of my life. I accepted Jesus Christ as my personnal savior. After that moment, I had a joy that I didn't have before, there was finally peace within myself. Ever since that moment my life has been great. I have gotten my life back on track with the help of Christ. He has managed to let me work full time and goto school full time, and also let me get a truck after my car broke down. My life is getting better with each day that comes, all because of Jesus Christ.

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