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Evolution's Assumptions
Gen. 1:1


The text teaches that God "created" [made from nothing] the physical universe. However, many folks claim that everything evolved to its present state. This lesson will identify some assumptions of the theory of evolution. We will compare these with scientific facts and Bible teachings.


A. The Universe Began without Intelligence-

1. Evolution -- The universe and all living things within it came into existence by chance, i.e., without any help from an intelligent designer or an outside power.

2. Science -- There is order in the universe. Order is the result of intelligent design and deliberate purpose. Chaos and disorder are what chance produces.

3. Scripture -- God [the Supreme Intelligence] deigned and created the universe - Pr. 3:19-20; 8:12,22-31; Jer. 51:15

B. Life Came Forth From Lifeless Matter -

1. Evolution -- Millions of years ago, "spontaneous generation" took place, i.e., life suddenly came into being from lifeless [dead or inanimate] matter.

2. Science -- According to the "law of biogenesis", living organisms are produced by other living organisms. Hence, life always comes from preceding life.

3. Scripture -- A living God created every other form of life - Job 12:7-10; Acts 17:24-25; Gen. 2:7

C. Living Things Change Themselves to Survive -

1. Evolution -- Living things acquire physical characteristics from their environment which help them to survive. Such "improvements" are passed to their offspring resulting in the "survival of the fittest". After enough of these new traits are acquired, a new kind of living thing results.

2. Science -- Physical changes to living things that occur due to factors in their environment are called "mutations". Not only are such mutations extremely rare, but also 99% of them are harmful to the organism.

3. Scripture -- God gave living things physical traits which they cannot change - Jer. 13:23; Mt. 6:27

D. One Kind Can Become Another Kind -

1. Evolution -- over millions [billions?] of years, one organism evolved into all extinct and living plants, insects, animals, and humans. The transformation from one kind to another kind occurred millions [billions?] of times.

2. Science -- According to Mendel's "law of heredity", all living things perpetuate their physical traits through their offspring. Hence, all living things reproduce themselves [their kind] only.

3. Scripture -- God put the "law of heredity" into effect, i.e., He originated it - Gen. 1:11-12,20-21,24-25,27-28; Jam. 3:12


These four assumptions of the theory of evolution contradict the facts of science and the teachings of God's Word. Thus, belief in evolution rather than in creation is both unscientific and unscriptural!

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