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The Chicken or the Egg, Which Came First?

Logic and reasoning will be used to determine which came first. So sit back, relax, and let your mind truely wonder in these words. Everyone knows that a chicken comes from an egg, but the chicken has to come from an egg first. Or, the chicken ccame first to lay the egg? Both can seem to be logical, why either could come first.

Lets look at it like this. How could either one come about first? Was the chicken or the egg created first? An egg would have to sit around awhile and kept at certain temprature before it could hatch. Some how it would of had to been created or came from something. Likewise, a chicken would have to be created to be wandering around before it could lay an egg.

Possible explanations? How nice for you to keep reading this far. Well, some greater thing or being would have to of created the chicken. An egg would not of been created, because it needs a chicken to take care of it so it will hatch. The egg also did not come from anything, like say, evolving. Therefore, take it that the chicken came first. Now you make it possibles for the eggs to be laid and cared for so that they can hatch.

Lets parallel this with another situation. Humans, how did they come about? Has to be that God created us, we did not evolve from anything. Where are the humans that still have plant parts? There are NONE, so we were created. Say, just for a ridiculous second, that we did evolve, now what will we soon be evolving into, since this can't be the last stage since there wasn't a creator with a plan in hand. Creation is for real, it is true, look at everything around you that God has created for his master plan that he has.

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